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George Brown College : Casa Loma Campus

2.14  (2.14/5.00)   •  8 Student Reviews  •
ADDRESS:  160 Kendal Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5R 1M3, Canada
PHONE:  (416) 415-4547  •  EMAIL:
LOCATION:  Toronto, Ontario, Canada  •  REGIONALLY ACCREDITED:  N/A  [?]
ESTABLISHED:  Unknown  [?]  •  TYPE:  Public, Career Institute  [?]

George Brown College : Casa Loma Campus is a Public, Career Institute, established in . The campus is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and hosts students, with an endowment of .

Description and campus figures were provided by the institution's administrators or campus representatives.
Enrollment: N/A  •  Acceptance Rate: N/A  •  Graduation Rate: N/A  •  Endowment: N/A
Stimulating Courses22222
Quality of Professors1.881.881.881.881.88
Networking & Job Opps22222
Area Around Campus2.882.882.882.882.88
Housing Situation1.881.881.881.881.88
Extracurricular Opps2.882.882.882.882.88
Teacher/Student Ratio2.

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Tuition: N/A  •  Tuition (Non-Local): N/A  •  Boarding: N/A
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8 Student Reviews of George Brown College : Casa Loma Campus

  • It could certainly use improvement. The biggest issue in my opinion is getting students interested and keeping them interested in the classes. The classes really feel like they set up to have you sit down and memorize what the text book says which does not make much room for in class discussions and debates. The smart thing to do would be to attempt to get the text books in advance and learn the material beforehand.

    If you already have a degree or college diploma don’t bother enrolling as you are better off picking up the textbook and reading it on your own time. Additionally really think about what program you enroll in. There are some students that seem to think having only a college diploma in accounting is going to get them into accounting which seems unrealistic as most employers want a minimum of Masters Degree in accounting. That said it is overall a decent college experience but you are likely going to have to work to find the more interesting aspects and opportunities they have available.

  • The problem is the teachers at this college. Plain and simple. George Brown needs to hire qualified instructors who have gone to a teachers college. George Brown has money but the flashy gadgets are mostly a show that never gets utilized. The quality of education is lousy and fit for those who do not need to be challenged. Please understand that this college needs to have more oversight and actually teach the students not read the text book in classes. that is all thanks a

  • I attended the George Brown College School of Business and graduated with an advanced diploma (three year program) in Marketing in April 2012. I had a great experience with all but two of my professors throughout my time at GBC and found the educational experience to be great. My classes after the first year weren’t huge, the cost of college (like the rest of Canada) is affordable and it’s located in downtown Toronto, which I enjoyed.

    I had a couple negative experiences throughout my time, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. In my first year or so, I found that the administration staff were below average and that two of my professors (one of whom was fired after that semester, the other left after that year too. Outside of that my experiences at George Brown, especially in class/lecture, were mostly positive.

    I’m going to assume that the majority of people who are commenting negatively on this website about George Brown College didn’t graduate or complete their program. Since graduating from George Brown, I’ve had multiple interviews and been offered multiple well-paying jobs because of their past experience with GBC graduates and how well trained and prepared they are for the real-world. You are also offered the option of transfering to Ryerson University after completion of your program where you can complete a degree program in only two years. They did as they advertised and have helped almost all of my friends from my program who I’ve stayed in touch with get jobs in one of the major business fields or move on to University.

    Anyone who’s thinking about taking anything at the School of Business, make sure you have at least one class with the following professors’: Lori Futterer, Jacqui Cook, Barry Wallace and Nick Kenyeres; they are the best professors that I had at my time at GBC and really care about their students and their education. They all have tons of real life experience in different areas of marketing and offer a ton of support to all students. They are tough and expect a lot from their students in the way of projects, attending class, etc., but are probably the best professors you can get.

  • SCAM ALERT!!I called to check them out and through much conversation with a person who became very defensive is that the 1-888-553-5333 phone number is connected to a clearing house that offers many on line courses. Wanted my information and became very insulting claiming that our conversation was a give and take and that I needed to provide my personal information He informed me that when I hung up the phone he was going to go on with his life. I refused to give my information.Told him I was just checking things out before I enrolled. He kept cutting me off and became with all due respect a “BULLY”

  • MTCU fucked up again!

  • international student dont waste your money for pre health science program.

  • George Brown offered a joke of an education. I enrolled in the PSW program of fall 2010. The program felt so special ed it hurt. It was by far the worst investment of both my time and money. Teachers were disorganized and often appeared to be meeting minimum requirements which I don’t feel were worthy of a paycheck. Exams were often presented with spelling errors with repeated and unrelated questions. Lessons in the lab were very poor, in the sense that students struggled to hear/see the lesson/lecture and were shunned when they they asked questions (mean while teachers catered to numerous students who constantly asked questions that had already been answered in class and ORIENTATION). It appeared that the teachers were challenged with effective lesson plans as multiple classes were filled with free conversation and slides that I could have covered myself at home in less than an hour. Teachers also struggled to redirect the class back to lessons when getting off track. Assignments were far from a being academically stimulating resulting in little interest, zero motivation, and the desire to smash my head into my keyboard. The UNIFORMS were rediculously overpriced. Students were encouraged to purchase a minimum of two uniforms so they could wear a clean one each day-FREE from bodily fluids and illnesses- but since no one could afford to splurge $80 on uniforms, they were forced to spend more money on laundry or spread the filth around-yum yum. I mean really, I could purchase EIGHT uniforms for the same price at a second hand store. There is no purpose the GB uniform can provide that a nametag would not suffice (which was also priced at nifty $8-$12 until a teacher spoke up on our behalf, woot!) A horrible experience for way too much stress and money. George Brown is NOT graduating the best of the best and I highly recommend students enroll elsewhere for a “real education”..especially in the PSW program. Also I would like to add that they are considering adding english and math? (most likely similar to the basics offered in elementary school since half the class were immigrants) So if you’d like to pay good money to shoot the shit and repeat elementary school with a special Ed. twist, get in line!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!! especially those already trapped at GB. I should also add on a positive note, that as messed up as the program was, some of the teachers were very passionate about their work at times but I guess they were just overwhelmed with their own lives or over ruled by the higher powers at GB because I know they could have done better. And hey, you’re the one paying…so get it together George Brown!

  • Avoid the health information management program. You should only enroll if:
    1. You already work in the field.
    2. If you know someone who can get you a job
    3. If you already have a university degree and just need the diploma for certification reasons

    Otherwise, you won’t get any support and you still have to pay outrageous membership fees and pay for continuing education courses in order to be qualified to apply for jobs.

    Complete waste of time and money. I should have went to U of T at least a degree in any field is respected.


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