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State University of New York: Canton (SUNY)

1.95  (1.95/5.00)   •  16 Student Reviews  •
ADDRESS:  34 Cornell Drive, Canton, New York 13617, USA
PHONE:  (315) 386-7011  •  EMAIL:
ESTABLISHED:  1906  [?]  •  TYPE:  Public, University  [?]

State University of New York: Canton (SUNY) is a Public, University, established in 1906. The campus is located in Canton, New York, USA, and hosts students, with an endowment of .

Description and campus figures were provided by the institution's administrators or campus representatives.
Enrollment: N/A  •  Acceptance Rate: N/A  •  Graduation Rate: N/A  •  Endowment: N/A
Stimulating Courses2.
Quality of Professors2.312.312.312.312.31
Networking & Job Opps1.691.691.691.691.69
Area Around Campus1.851.851.851.851.85
Housing Situation1.541.541.541.541.54
Extracurricular Opps2.
Teacher/Student Ratio2.
HOTNESS FACTOR1.461.461.461.461.46

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Tuition: N/A  •  Tuition (Non-Local): N/A  •  Boarding: N/A
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16 Student Reviews of State University of New York: Canton (SUNY)

  • To the people with the “nigger” comments. You sound just as ignorant and your racism is louder and dirtier than any alleged nigger. As a matter of fact you arrogant, ignorant, racists have no self respect. As a matter of fact you racists dogs are the real niggers. Go drown yourselves in some respect and integrity, then die slow in your miserable racists skin, lastly go burn in bell afterwards. Because hell is where you disgusting racists are going.

  • The online program is a joke. I have taken courses at Baker College Online and wanted to try out Canton for a semester, it was my biggest mistake. The online angel software is not user friendly, instructors do not help nor care about their students at all. The text books are by far the worst chosen text book yet they cost me over $200. The questions the instructors ask for the assignment are in no relation to the text book material. What I found out from the dean who barely speaks a word of English, is that the instructor is just an administrator only who collects and grades the assignments and exams, another person produces the online curriculum. I am very disappointed with this college, I was hoping it would be somewhat descent considering its part of SUNY. If your thinking of online degree, don’t waste your money here.

  • THis place is terrible. Nothing to do, shitty clubs and extracurricular activities. MOst the students are dumb, loud, obnoxious black kids that can’t speak english. All the girls are trashy and it every good-looking one has a boyfriend. The dining hall is equivalent to prison quality food. the dining hall is lazy, reheats meals and even breakfast for dinner some nights. I don’t see how the school considers that shit acceptable. In the summer it smells like cow shit in the winter you can’t go outside without losing feeling in your hands. The school is way overpriced for classes 4 times a week and we ended up to what seemed like having a week off almost every month. Basically community college with dorms. SOme professors are good others are not. Don’t come here unless you’re a local commuter then it can be a good school

  • After a couple of years here I would have to say that if I could have, I would have chosen a different school. I applied here for one of their advertised programs only to find out it is underfunded and under developed. The GMMD program that they are trying to enroll needs more funding from the school, but instead every single GMMD related class is crammed into one, yes one, room. As a result the program is half online and half lecture with most higer level classes only available in the afternoon or later. Its sad to see considering most of the gmmd professors are more than qualified and wonderful instructors and yet the program gets the short end of the stick I feel.

    On top of that, the living conditions here at SUNY Canton are to say the least, the worst I could ever imagine. This past fall semester (Fall 12) the school accepted way to many students than they could afford. As a result rooms meant to be doubles were turned into triples. On top of that, there use to be little dormitory stores located next to the R.A.’s office, and they ended up placing TWO students in the room. These rooms would not be comfortable for even a single. On top of even that, students who needed on-campus housing who did not get a room were placed on a wait-list and were housed in a local motel until room was opened. This ‘room’ that they were looking for was made by enforcing a zero tolerance policy on small infractions (that would later in the year be overlooked) and kicking students out of the dorms. This was seen even on move in day. Yes Day 1 before classes even started, students were kicked out. This year the school informed that they are devoting 3 out of 4 of their dormitories to freshmen only. That is 75% of dorms being devoted to new students. All returnees are forced to live in either the remaining dorm building or the pricey Grasse River Suites,that they are also enforcing residents to sign a lease for. Last I checked it was on campus housing, not apartments. The housing situation is just appalling.

    And even better, the food sucks. I know thats opinion but the food options here really are terrible. There is no healthy food options at the Chaney Dining Hall. The food tastes terrible most of the time. On campus there is about 5 eateries, but your meal plan is only good for the Chaney Dining Hall. Every where else you have to pay money for.


  • IS campus life fun ?
    i have a concern with black people i mean im not racist and i respect them but over all do they seem to be excessively obnoxious and reckless ?
    because if thats the case … then idk about this school.
    what are the dorms like ? I heard the rooms are crappy and they cram at least 3 people in a 2 person roon, is that true?

  • so next year will be my 2nd year here and my experience here has been great. I do believe alot of good memories come from the peers you choose to be around and the major you select. I am from the city and I can agree with some comments. that “city people” can come off to be arrogant and foolish but some of us like myself actually have great morals and bring alot to this school. I am in vet tech , and the teachers are amazing ! There are many clubs and greeks to join and I’ve never felt racism. Before coming here I do advise to do your research academically and on the area you will be living in. Its a tight, small community and and the closest excitment around here is walmart. The housing isn’t great but you have to make the most from it. And the food will seem unhealthy at first but you have to encourage yourself to eat healthy and not be drawn to what is not.

  • so i plan on attending in the fall and deciding for myself weather i like the school or not. for those who “dislike black people” i have 3 words for you: EAT A D I C K ! I dare someone to try some racist sh-t with me ! we’re in 2012 #PACKITUP

  • I was thinking about attending next semester, but I don’t know now. I’ll have to vist the campus. I also don’t like black people. Some are scceptable. But the ones with the coonish behavior are the ones I hate.

  • School is decent. These kids who left comments like that are actually the kids who make the school UN enjoyable. If they would grow up and do there work (the reason there at college) they wouldn’t have an issue. Colleges professors are also very good. There are always a few however who aren’t so hot. It’s like that everywhere though.

  • unfortunately im stuck here until the end of this semester and i absolutely hate this place. im miserable in my room and there is nothing to do ever. everyone here thinks they can go hard and think they are on top of the world. really? where i come from you would be nothing but a joke. and thats what you are here. i cannot wait to leave at the end of th9is semester

  • school is full of dirty niggers from the city, that get kicked out after the first semester.

  • This school sucks i hated every bit of it and the bio professor was such a dick

  • The school is full of loud dirty niggers.

  • Do not waste your money on this school. SUNY Canton will put 3 students in a 2 student room and offer a measly $100 back to each family. That is robbery. On top of that, there is nothing to do outside of classes and it’s so small everyone knows if you as much as cut a fart. Oh and there are plenty of places to eat on campus, but unfortunately you can only use your meal plan at one of them which is the Chaney Dining hall, and you would be better off puking on a plate and eating that than eating any of the garbage they serve. I repeat, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON SUNY CANTON!!!! THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!

  • Suny Canton is the worst school to attend. Many of the teachers and advisors are disrespectful and could care less if you have a problem. YES they will tell you they DO NOT care, even if it’s there fault. You are judged, you will get any grade they feel like giving you and there’s nothing you can do because they will lie. They’re actors, they pretend to care at first, but all they are worried about is getting paid. If you do not pay your tuition on time they will shut your card off, without any type of notice, it will only allow you to enter your dorm, but you will NOT be able to use the money thats on your card nor enter the cafe. They DO NOT care if you starve or how to get by. At the end of the day it’s all about them getting paid. The instructors the advisors are a complete joke. Suny Canton is a waste of time, money and strength. And not only is it far, its smells like cow manure all the time, its freezing, you walk up and down hills thats always icy and your lucky if they put down sand/salt.

  • This colleges dorms are absolutely disgusting. They also have taken on way too many students and dont have enough staff to complete things on time. The number of kids from the city out number the students from the area almost by half is your living on campus. Most the professors are a complete joke.


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