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Ross Medical Education Center : Ann Arbor

1.13  (1.13/5.00)   •  42 Student Reviews  •
ADDRESS:  4741 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48108, USA
PHONE:  +1 (734) 434-7320  •  EMAIL:  (no public email address)
LOCATION:  Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States  •  REGIONALLY ACCREDITED:  No  [?]
ESTABLISHED:  1969  [?]  •  TYPE:  For-Profit, Non-Sectarian, Medical Institute  [?]

What differentiates Ross in Ann Arbor from other schools can be summarized in three words: Fast, Focused, Friendly. All programs offered at Ross are designed to eliminate unnecessary classes, which means getting into the workforce FAST. Most programs can be completed in 9 months or less. During that time the instructional staff if FOCUSED on just one thing: Education. Ross personnel are committed to providing a caring, nurturing environment. Classes are small. Students come first. The school community seems like a family. It’s a FRIENDLY place to be taught new skills and prepare for success in the healthcare field. – Jeffrey R. Pemberton, Creative & Digital Media Strategist

Description and campus figures were provided by the institution's administrators or campus representatives.
Enrollment: N/A  •  Acceptance Rate: N/A  •  Graduation Rate: 84.39% (2012)  •  Endowment: N/A
Stimulating Courses1.
Quality of Professors1.341.341.341.341.34
Networking & Job Opps1.
Area Around Campus1.441.441.441.441.44
Housing Situation11111
Extracurricular Opps11111
Teacher/Student Ratio1.

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Tuition: $15,740.00 (2012)  •  Tuition (Non-Local): $15,740.00 (2012)  •  Boarding: N/A
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42 Student Reviews of Ross Medical Education Center : Ann Arbor

  • I was interested in going to Ross at the new location in JC, TN. It started with a phone call and it sounded interesting so I set up a meeting to look forward into the MA program. First meeting I had my 4 yr old son with me and was unable to finish the meeting so we rescheduled on a later date in which I would not have him. Upon leaving I asked for some information and they gave me a paper with little to no info on it. The second meeting they had me do a test which seemed like a compency test and had me come back to meet with financial aid I was then given a packet with cost and etc. The school was $15,000 and I was told financial aid would cover it along with tn state funded grant I get I go back and the women has me sign a worksheet paper with estimated cost saying its an estimate and me being foolish and rushed signed and checked agree to paying loans after I started looking at it she grabbed it and stuck it in the copier gave me a copy and I told her I was thinking of reconsidering because I cannot pay this money. I also asked for my registration fee back which was $60 and I paid in cash and she said she would mail it to me. I asked her if I can have the paper where I signed agreeing to the loans that I am not feeling comfortable and feel as if I am being scammed and she says no thats its ROSS’S PROPERTY. I am getting upset and she says Ill let someone from admissions explain it to you matter of fact get your things and go sit out in front while I get her. I never got the paper and I never got assured that they were not going to further my education plans. I am going up there first thing monday and if I have to get a police report I will. Because they would not let me sign anything saying I do not want to go there and I do not want the $9000 stafford loan and $3000 loan through Ross. Please some one tell me am I screwed and if so What should I do? HELP :/

  • This is so dreadful.. about this school and no one in upper management has the courage to bring this to the state complaint board for review in which Ross Medical Education Center resides. Mr. Paul Mitchell(CEO of Ross)you should be thoroughly ashamed of how you run this school and the bully pulpit you use to intimidate its students and the staff who work for you. I have looked on the job websites which mention upper management complaints and staffing reviews.. anyone interested in what ross staff has to say should look at this for a full informed look at this school. I believe the former founder of this school would not agree with your methods and I believe you have destroyed what was once ..I’m sure a fine school in the past.

    I wish all the best for the students who were left behind.. my prayers are with you for a brighter future.

  • I graduated from Ross Medical Education Center in Grand Rapids, MI in 1997 and I thought for sure they had been shut down. But I recently started seeing commercials here in Georgia where I now reside. To anyone thinking of going to Ross or who are currently enrolled at Ross I am telling you now, one thing that remains constant with EVERY Ross is this: you graduate with a MA certificate, not a MA degree. Now for those whose goal is to only become an MA and don’t mind the hefty price tag, Ross may not be all bad. There are jobs out here willing to hire you because they don’t have to pay you as much as a MA with a degree. For those of you who plan to further your medical education beyond Ross DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON ROSS. The credit hours you earn there will not transfer…EVER no matter what school you go to NO SCHOOL will transfer credits from Ross. I had a great experience while at Ross and all of my instructors were friendly, professional and competent. I attended Ross because it is an accelerated program and because I wanted to work as an MA while earning my RN. I specifically asked if my credits would transfer and was told they would. Shame on me for being so naive and not doing my own homework. When you’re as young as I was back then, you really don’t even think they would lie about something like that because you don’t understand the machine behind it all. My advice, don’t waste your time and money with Ross, especially if you intend to further your medical education after.

  • I am currently applying for Ross and I have some Medical Assistant schooling already so I do know what to look for in a school and what kind of skills I will need. I’ve had some major questions about the school because everyone there has been very pushy in getting me signed up really fast, while I have been dragging my feet because it all just seemed fishy to me. After reading everybody comments on here I think I have made up my mind that Ross is not for me, I’m not that young anymore to waste time and money on something that is not gonna help me and my family in the long run. Thank you all for sharing your stories and I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through these things, good luck in your future.

  • I am a graduate of the Cincinnati location, but conveniently, there is no site for that location for students to review…it’s no big surprise for why that is either. I am so disappointed with the education, or lack there of, that I received from this school. All that this school cares about is getting you to sign the contract, after that, you are not important. I have never seen a place with such high turnover, they can not keep staff for the life of them. I went through several teachers in just 6 months. The biggest problem I had with this school is the lack of communication between staff and staff, and staff and students. Absolutely no two people had the same rules to follow, each staff member would tell each student something different. Some students didn’t have to follow dress code, others were able to flat out cheat on a test and NOT get in trouble for it. Needless to say, it all depends on who you are to determine the treatment you receive. I thought I was finished with high school, but several students and a certain instructor seemed to have still been stuck in high school, with the gossip and drama that seemed to unfold on a daily basis. As for the career development center, a couple of the ladies are the biggest b**ches in the world! When I initially met with them, I gave them plenty of options for places I would like to do my externship, they gave me ONE option, and it was NOT even a specialty I asked for. I would not have been so angry, if it weren’t due to the fact that they bent over backward for the other girl leaving for extern at the same time as me, and found her EXACTLY what she wanted. Then, while I was working at my extern site, I would receive constant phone calls all day from career development harassing me, asking if I have any job leads and if I said no, I would get scolded….um, is that not their job, to you know, HELP US FIND A JOB??? After my extern was over, I cut all ties with that “school” and stopped taking any phone calls from them. And guess what, I found an amazing job on my own. THANKS FOR NOTHING ROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am two MODS away from being done with this place and I cannot wait. The teachers are great, but the other people there are horrible. The career development people are snotty, the Director and Assistant director are concerned more with getting people in the door than keeping them there. The CD people are always saying to come to them at any time for resume help and such. We had a career fair, so they asked us all to meet with asap. I made an appointment for friday immediately after class since that was the only time that I could meet, and they made me feel like shit because it was a friday and I was making them work. They had me sit down at the computer, handed me an example resume, and i practically had to beg for their attention when I had a question. The assistant director refused to let me in to a make-up hours day because I couldnt get there until 11am instead of when it started at 9am. It went on until 3 friggin pm! I had one hour to make up! I am a 4.0 student, who has only missed one hour so far, and they still couldn’t care less about a thing that I need. They also just informed me that my Genesis loan now has 12 months left with payments of $92 a month instead of the 4 months left at $72 a month as they previously told me…evidentally, they had made a mistake when signing me up and estimated my financial assistance wrong. I…Hate…This…Place!

  • I am currently enrolled in Ross and it is a disaster. My instructor talks down to the students, treats them like idiots. It is very unprofessional and anyone can pass. I have several students in my class that I know should fail, but they are passed along. It is all about the money. I spend hours at a time staring at walls and coloring, because there is nothing to do. BUT, I have to make up 4 hours because class was canceled. We are given projects just to fill time. And I did not sign up to be someone’s pin cushion and take my shirt off. When I voiced my opinion about this, I was told that I should have expected to have to take my shirt off. I explained that I do not take my shirt off for my doctor and I am not taking my shirt off for these unprofessional individuals in my class. We are told to give injections to each other, with no practice. We were expected to practice on each other. I am subjected to off color jokes and being offended on a daily basis and nothing is done about it. I warn anyone thinking about attending this school, run the other direction.

  • I went to Ross May of 09, I also thought it was an un-professional setting most of the instructors had no clue what they were doing. When I finished they say they “place” you at a job RIGHT. I even attended their “job fairs” and still NOTHING. I finished in jan 2010 and had to do all the job hunting myself. It took me untill may to get hired anywhere and this was just at a temp service. I had been applying ALL over and while working for the temp service I had an interview at the U of M. They eneded up hiring me, what they teach you in Ross is B.S… I took none of those skills where I’m at now besides maybe how to do a BP. All of the things i learned was from on the job. The only thing I can give Ross credit for is giving me the title “MA”. I’m really happy with where I’m at now but had I knew then what a crock the school was I would have went to a real college.

  • I want to let former and/or current students considering this school to reconsider. This school is to say the least unethical. My daughter who submitted an entry to this website about her experience was harassed by this school. She was bullied by a student there and when she complained they called her at home threatening her to keep quiet about the other student or they would barre her from the facility and refuse to give her access to job club. She was slandered by this student there and they to did nothing. She had already graduated and went though clinicals had perfect attendence and grades. All this made no difference to this school, as they protected this disturbed women who claimed to be stalked….she was the one who stalked my daughter..and as a result we sued her. I tell you now if you ever have the misfortune to have any concerns or problems they will fall on deaf ears. The CEO of Ross Medical Education Center was horrible to our family and for that I feel so sorry for its students. I hope that those writing here may get closure and move on to a brighter future. God Bless

  • I am not a student of the past nor am I ever planning on going to ROSS. My girlfriend however is not able to say the same. She is in her final Mod and is doing quite well (perfect attendance and 4.0 GPA). I wish I could say that she is happy with what she has received in the form of her education but I cannot. She comes home daily with a different complaints about the program, the books, the management, you name it she has had problems with them. She has had several representatives of the corporation (Regional VP, Directors, Corporate big shots) contact her and tell her why she is wrong about her complaints. One woman, during a meeting, actually talked over my girlfriend, interrupted her, and even put her hand up as if to say “shut up and talk to the hand”
    I would love some of you all to join together and complain as a group as to the fact that you did not get what you feel you should have gotten considering what you all had to pay. It seems to me from what I have seen, that Ross is a program that tends to cater to people who are financially challenged. They then just collect the grants, loans, and moneys and don’t actually provide everything that they promise during the orientation that gets you excited to enroll in their program.

  • Joke of a school! They only care about you money. I constantly had to correct my instructors. If you have any questions about why things are done the answer is ask corporate. They only send you to terrible extern sites. Biggest waste of 15 thousand dollars ever spent. Seriously go to a real school and get a real education. The “easy way out” is not easy if you learn next to nothing and have to work your ass off to find a job because CDC sucks and can’t find a job for you. I regret wasting to much time and money at this school more than anything.

  • I sent an e-mail inquiry just for some information. I never indicated that I was committing or even planning on enrolling. I was simply requesting a brochure, like I had done for a few other schools, since i’m considering going back to school. HUGE MISTAKE! Not only did I not get any information in the mail, but Ross keeps calling me – non stop! At least 3 times a day, sometimes, they will call as late as 8:30 at night. I’ve had my phone ring, from their number on Saturdays – and even a Sunday once! They have been constantly calling me for the past month. You would think that me not answering would’ve been enough. But nope. About a week ago, I finally picked up the phone and told them I was NOT interested and to please stop calling. But they just have a different person from the school calling me now, leaving voicemails for me to return their call about receiving “further information.” A phone number was required on the online form to request a brochure. They are the only school out of all the ones I inquired about online who have not only called me, but relentlessly called and called and called. It’s annoying, it’s borderline harassing, and it’s just downright rude – especially after I said i’m not interested.

  • I graduated from Ross in Brighton Michigan in August of 2011.
    After months of applying for jobs I finally found a part time position as a Medical Assistant. It only lasted for 3 months.
    I wish I had seen reviews prior to applying here.
    A career counselor at the University of Michigan asked me why I chose ROSS
    versus persuing an associates degree at a community college, then possibly
    transferring to a 4 year college.
    I told her that I registered at Ross, because I had no guidance. I was recently divorced, unable to find a job and had no college education. I was looking for something that would make me marketable, after 8 years as a stay at home Mom.
    Ross was a waste of time and money. I have a $9,000 federal student loan that I cannot repay, and I have defered it TWICE. I have been unable to find even a part-time job.
    The career counselor told me that if I had applied at a community college…because of me being unemployed and being low income I would have qualified for all kinds of grants, and had my first year of college PAID FOR.
    Its true …..all ROSS cares about is money. If you have a pulse and qualify for a Pell grant…..they want you.

  • I currently attend Ross in Cincinnati. We are currently without a teacher for our clinical class for the second time in 3 months. Our Director just resigned as well. Our teachers belittle the students when they have questions, they talk trash about the school, and they lie to the students on a daily basis. Ross does not care about our education. They only care if our loan payments come in on time. Our career development center is a joke. The women there are the most unprofessional people I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. It is left up to students to deal with finding externships and communicating with the externship sites. The turnover rate is ridiculous. Most new students drop out quickly. Our class went from 14 to 8 in a very short time. Has Ross ever taken the time to find out why so many unhappy students leave? No! Because it does not matter if we stay or leave because they still get paid.

  • I worked at Ross for a year as a staff member. I’m writing on this board to warn students. Please do not go to Ross. It is a money making machine that exploits the poor and uneducated. They care about you as much as they care about the starving children of Calcutta. They will do anything to get you to enroll, stay 4 days and that’s when you as a person become a # and $. They will do everything to keep you in the doors, change grads, forge signatures, change attendance, put you on warning after warning but it doesn’t mean anything. Everyone figures out after a mod the simple truth of Ross, you can’t fail. The grads they give are completely meaningless and arbitrary. They should just give stars and smiley faces because that is about how they treat their grading system. Most of their programs are completely useless in the sense, you can gain the experience and save $ by learning and being trained ON THE JOB. The loan you take is $16000 where you are learning the skills to obtain employment that will pay on average $10-11/hr. This means it will take you about 20-30 years to pay back the loan. Did I forget to mention that Ross doesn’t give out degrees? You get a certificate. If you go to Ross, I wish you the best of luck because you will need it.

  • You are much better off going to a university and getting an actual degree. A certificate is not enough in this tough economic market..

  • I went to Ross in 2009. I started to hear awful things about the school from the girls that attended and already graduated, that they could not find a jobs and was not being helped like promised. So for as much money as I was paying, thank god I quit after 1 month of attending after hearing everying I heard. I’m still stuck with a little over 3,000 worth of debt that needs to be paid to Ross. I called Ross recently to find out what they quoted what was left on my balance. I have been paying them off over a couple of years now… AND they have NO record what so ever that I even attended there, but of course they still have been cashing my checks! #GET IT TOGETHER!

  • Hello again fellow students…I’m sorry to see so many cheated in their pursuit of an education. However airing out your complaints is a powerful tool and message to all other students considering going to this school. It is important therefore to remember that (you) the student who attends a vocational school or university is a paying customer, buying an education. Your time, money and investment are to be valued …we are the boss! Without us and our financial investment, their school would close their doors. So my message to you Ross Medical is to stop killing the goose that lays the golden egg. My hope is that one school like this one does not sour all of you to become a medical assistant or enter any medical career, just that we become wiser for the experience.

  • I too attend the AA campus and have NO respect for the Director or the instructors. I was having a problem understanding the nervous system material and couldn’t get the help that I needed to understand it. I was told to spend more time studying and when I said that I spend at least 2-3 hrs a day studying I was told that if I was really doing that then I should be understanding the material. The director told me that maybe I have ADD and there is medication for that! I’ve never had issues with ADD in the past, so I really don’t think that’s the case. I’m starting to think that THEY don’t understand the material and really can’t help the students. Oh well, I guess if I barely pass is better than nothing! Can’t wait to leave!

  • I agree, they sent me to a externship when CDC knew they don’t hire, So I could have a opportunity of having a career

  • This school is a f***ing joke I have a piece of paper stating I went there and a 9.000 loan thats it! I’m currently going to SMC which is where I should of went to began with! Now they sent me a paper saying I can go back for 8.months to get my associates degree f*** that!

  • Im attending a metro detroit (east side) location and im sad to say that i wish i NEVER walked into that building. I was so sure in the begining and even through my 2nd mod that everything was good (you cant fault the school cause the students are dimwitted dramatic lonely crap starters) then i realized once your in your forgotten by everyone. I had to struggle to get along with my classmates because my INSTRUCTOR was telling them i was a bad person to hang around with. Yes i did butt heads with my instructor because im a grown woman and will not be talked to like im a child. Literally the instructor took a friend of mine to the side and tried to convince her i was bad to hang out with…..the day after the instructor and i had words. Not to mention if i ask a question (and for 15 grand i should be able to ask all i want) or say something i dont like about the program then i get no help for a week. my advice GO TO COLLEGE!!! Ross was a huge mistake and now im in so deep i have no choice but to go out on the crappy extern they’re sending me because you cant turn them down…..

  • the school is sooooooo bad… I wemt to the ann arborlocation, and the director has the worst attitude against the girls… but she is nice and charming to two girls who she personally likes… all the staff at ross are like this …. even the instructors… no work gets done in class either.. a complete waste of time. only they talk of how their boyfriends and dogs treat them… disgusting place.. I cant wait to leave…

  • It seems that Ross has solicited a rally to post positive information to lure potential students who are ‘on the fence’ about going to Ross. I graduated from the AA campus 6 months ago and I’m still looking for a job. I had great attendance and academic grades but what I’ve found is the market is SATURATED with MA’s. My experience in the classroom was very stressful. There was a TON of drama and the director is vicious and I never felt comfortable speaking with her about any issues I was having. I’ve even befriended an instructor who says that he wouldn’t recommend the program. I suppose that was confidential information but, I don’t want to see anyone else waste their precious time, energy and money at Ross. The main point that I’d like to make is that yes, a FEW students manage to succeed and find jobs but the MAJORITY don’t. I agree with people when they say that Ross will say anything and seem supportive but as soon as your in the door and they have your money then they ‘forget’ about you. Sad but true. I recommend if you are passionate about becoming an MA then visit your local community college. I’d hate to see anyone else find out that it wasn’t a good decision at the end of the program. By then, it’s too late to turn back and you end up stressed, no job and a butt-load of debt.

  • Heeellllloooooo???? I’ve read three instructors and one admissions rep comments that are ALL negative not to mention the other students comments. So, Tony and satisfied student you are a minority of opinion. Ross sucks and they will most likely always suck. They are greedy bastards who will scam you–WATCH OUT prospects!!!!

  • Ross Medical is full of crap. The only thing that they care about is getting you in and getting money, and once your in, who are you? One of the faculty members said to me “Your grades arent all that great any ways,” who’s name is Beth Stroh, she is the rudest person at the Port Huron MI facility. And Tony Simon as far as your comment goes, not all the faculy members are alike. The director of the Port Huron, Michigan facility Mr Ken Smith, he always looks like hes mad, he should crack a smile more, Iam sure it wont break his face, but then again. Ross Medical has a new faculty member, who is Mrs. Vandrmas, or Mrs. V., she thinks shes all that and she is not a good teacher at all, she sucks. The best teacher at Ross Medical, in Port Huron MI is Christina Clarke, she wants you to suceed, she is the bomb. I would never tell any one to go to Ross Medical, its a waste of time and $$$$$$$$. And the comment about the “Satisfied Student”, I dont espect things to be handed to me on silver platter, because for one thing Iam paying for school out of my own pocket, I was dropped, and I think Ross Medical could have done more so I can suceed, not every school is the same, so Satisfied Student, you wake up.

  • I also went to Ross. I went to the Granger Campus and have graduated. I would have to say that the instructors are very knowledgable and have been Medical Assistant\’s for a long time. However, they are not professional. They allow students to cheat and to talk during tests. The only things they go over in the chapters are what is on the test. They tell you while going over the material what is on the test. It all goes so quickly that your not learning the material your just memorizing it. Students fight and curse and they do nothing about it. I have also heard them talk about other students when they aren\’t there because they questioned an answer or asked too many questions. Some of the students that I was in class with were almost unbearable. I was embarassed to tell people that I went to Ross. I was afraid that they would go out on their externship and ruin my chances of getting a job because the externship site would no longer want a ross student after having one of them. Ross was seriously a joke. I\’m not saying this because I had a problem with a perticular person or because I didn\’t get a job. I did get a job, but I found it on my own with no help from anyone but myself. I do think the concept of the program is good but the way they run it is not. There\’s so much extra time in class that your just sitting there doing nothing. Yet there is so much homework to do that your \”not allowed\” to do in class. Just ask a lot of questions and make sure you do your research before attending any school, not just Ross. I think you will have a very unpleasant surprise if you decide to attend Ross Medical Education Center. It will not be what it seems.

  • I graduated from Ross in Feb. 2011 and am VERY disappointed with them. They promise you so much to get you in. They told me and I know others that once we graduated we would be certified in our field. UGH NOPE, not even close. To become certified in MIBOA it is close to $500 extra out of pocket, that is for books, the test, the pretest. That they don’t tell you. They tell you that once you graduate you will have no problem finding a job and that if your extern site does not hire you THEY will do ANYTHING to get you a job. They would match your job searches, you apply to a job they will send your resume to another place. That did not happen. I am still without a job, have had all of 2 interviews. The people in the CDC don’t know what the hell they are doing. They kept saying my resume looked excellent and with my past experience they didnt know why I wasnt getting interviews or hired. So I had a friend of mine who works at a job placement agency look at it. She found mistakes, things that were repeated. Three people from CDC didnt catch them. While they send your resume or set up job interviews you are going in with atleast 3 to 7 people from your same class. They will call leave you messages and when you call them back and they are unavailable they will not return your message. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Job Club is a JOKE, you dont do anything but sit there, talk about things that are not related, go online to look for jobs. Basically everything you do at home. I had 3 pages of jobs I applied for so I should of received 3 x $5 gas cards. Yea I have not gotten mine and they never took my papers, just told me to hold on to them. I really liked my teachers, they have to teach what Ross tells them too. Even if they want to teach more they cant. So prepairing for your future just do it yourself. They have not helped me at all try to find a job. Now I have to pay over $9,000 in one loan and like $6,000 in another. They lie to you to get you in, jerk you around while you are there. When I graduated during the pinning, they went in alphabetical order. I was put last instead of 2nd because no one knew anything about me since I kept to myself. I knew that complaining would do nothing but make it bad for me. PLEASE GO TO A DIFFERENT SCHOOL DO NOT GO TO ROSS. If there is ever a lawsuit against them I will be taking part in it.

  • Nothing in Life is as easy as Ross makes their program out to be. They will say anything to get you into the programs they offer!! STAY AWAY FROM ROSS!

  • Truly Ross misled me in many ways, high pitch sales, promised me everything I was looking for in a school. Please go to “Accreditating Bureau of Health Education School”@ to file a real complaint.

  • Ross gave me crabs

  • I truly wish now I had gone to a community college, this school is a joke, a scam, and nothing but a load of grief! I finished in March 2011 and I still have no job. The only jobs the school found me they thought were so wonderful! We’re 8 bucks and hour and over a 1hr & 30 minute drive to 2 hours. I gave these people in CDC multiple times lists of places that were nearby for me to drive to since gas goes up and down.
    The week before the 4th of July I got a call stating they found me a job in one of my areas and OFFERED to fax my resume for me if I didn’t have a means to get up to the area where it was at. Long story short I didn’t have the money or gas to make it to and back home, so I called and asked them to fax my resume over. Not even 30 minutes later the campus director of my school calls me, all nice and cheerful at first thinking I’d already driven up their. We ended up in a argument where she thought people who have ZERO income can pull $20 bills out of ones rear end! I basically implied: Does this mean should I go stand out at the end of my road dressed as a hooker to obtain this magical $20 I don’t have? After wasting daytime minutes on my phone she never called back. So the next day I called this doctors office and how funny…They didn’t GET my resume! Talk about FISHY! So I had to dig out $3.00 in pennies and have someone drive me uptown nearby to fax my resume over myself. About a week later I get a call from one guy who works around all the schools offering to help me get a job, I go and all it was was role playing and ME redoing my Resume myself…I had utterly no help in getting it looking better. That was a waste of $4.00 in gas and 3 hours of my time! Since than I have heard not one single peep from this school! The job club is a joke, they give you these papers to fill out and after you get 10-15 you get a whole woopin’ $5.00 gas card! Wow…That’s going to do someone a whole lot of good when they most likely spent $15.00 in gas going to all these offices. So the lazy women in CDC can just go: Mmm let’s see what our job club students found for us to use as internship sites!
    Another thing one of the males they got working at the campus I went to is a complete egotistical jerk! If you got a voice mail he doesn’t like he will basically treat you like a dog ladies and than hold out his hand demanding you give your phone over to him to change it. I’m sorry, but I can change my OWN voice mail on my own phone, ‘Mr. Dude Whom was former office manger’ and also nobody in that school has a RIGHT to touch your personal property if anything your personal cellphone! He also did this little insult of his with 2 other office women present in the room I wasn’t impressed in the slightest by his professionalism. Can I deduct his entire paycheck for that week?
    So long story short, ADVOID THIS SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS! IT’S NOT WORTH IT! I now owe $9000+ dollars in loan debt I cannot even pay back and have no job. I can only hope this school gets hit with a lawsuit down the road for the many graduates they have scammed!

  • I feel that everyone that has gone to ross should get together and find a way for the school to give us our money back because this school is a scam.. A HUGE waste of money and not to mention a HUGE waste of time away from family….. I make way more money and have much better hours at a credit union than i did working at a drs office and thats even if you get hired. Dont go the ross!!!!!!!!!

  • I use to work in the admissions department at Ross Medical and believe me they are lying to you! As soon as you come in for a tour you are going to get high pressure sales. They do not care what you want to do as a career they will try to sell you on classes that you do not want just so they can get there quota in! I was forced to push students into the dental assistant classes just to get the seats filled whether the student wanted to take the class or not! Right now the graduation hire rate is 50%!! And that includes people who are only getting part time hrs and making 8hr! When you spend over 15,000 for a certificate that’s unacceptable! This school does not care about you, look at the staff they wont even stay around for a year before realizing how bad it is and jumping ship! Go to a community college or university, Ross credits DO NOT TRANSFER!!

  • I will be the THIRD instructor to comment about and warn anyone who’s reading this NOT TO GO! Please take this comment and other instructor’s comments SERIOUSLY! I’ve witnessed personally tons and tons of bullshit spewed from Ross. What breaks my heart the most is that Ross takes advantage of people who are in desperate situations, promising bright opportunities that only manifest if you HAPPEN to be in the right place at the right time. Ross is a Mickey Mouse operation and has the reputation as such. Don’t fall for the sales pitch! They only care about the money not you! As already suggested, if you want to become an MA to a community college.

  • I too worked at Ross Medical. It is about numbers and money. I could go on and on about the freakishly egotistical “higher ups” I worked with. I hope a missle hits every one of the damned places. Hey Ross “executives” see a theme. You all suck. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!

  • I too am a victim of Ross Medical!!! I attended Ross Medical and graduated in 2009 with excellent grades and skills. However, the career department decided to get me a job paying only 8hr working in a nursing home and part time! I went to school to become a Medical Assistant not a Nursing Assistant! I ended up quitting after going in one day and they wanted me to clean toilets, wash walls, and do laundry! Even though I am now Certified I am still unemployed! Now I am doing it the right way attending a University! Ross wasted my money and my time. There are also many other Ross graduates attending an real school now. We cant even use the credits! My college says they can not use Ross’ credits because the classes are NOT accredited! The school is accredited! But the classes are not!!! Thanks alot Ross Medical of Flint

  • I just wanted to pass along this final thought to all students former or those considering to apply at Ross Medical Education Center… Please reconsider. Attend a University or Community level college course for your certification, or Associates degree in Medical Assisting if you wish. I didnt do this because I already was attending a University and chose Ross to get a job while I finished my degree within a similar field. At the time it seemed like a practical choice to keep up on my medical skills and work before I graduated. However, there is really no substitute or shortcuts for university level courses in the long run. I wrote the Michigan Educational Commission and filed a complaint against Ross and I would encourage all students to stand up and make your feelings known to them. Michigan has recieved numerous complaints on this school. It is my hope that the Michigan Commission will investigate more thoroughy and close this schools doors forever!The current CEO of Ross Medical who has been known to be boorish and unhelpful is either running what was once a good school into the ground or they just are more concerned about profit than the future of their students.
    It appears from other comments made here and by other students at other college forums that Ross’s days are numbered. Take care

  • I graduated from Ross Medical in 2009 with great grades and attendance. I still have no job. In fact, in Michigan the title “MA” or “Medical Assistant” is a hoax in itself. The school screws people over for more money than we can pay back. Now my life is screwed because I owe 17,000$ for a certificate I will never use. No one hires for an MA especially if you’re from Ross. Completely tricked. This sucks I worked so hard now I am in a worse position than before I went to school there. My children starve. Thank you Ross.

  • I went to this school in 2007 and I too had high grades and perfect attendance. They were all helpful until I was harassed by some psycho student who made problems for me. Very unprofessional,no disiplinary standards for students and recieved nasty calls. I was overall disappointed in this school and now finishing my Bachelors Degree in my chosen allied health major. Should you happen to read this Ross Medical…just know that I will be going on to greener fields inspite of what you done …while you will no doubt be eating the fruits of what you sow! Happy Trails and God Bless

  • I agree, I graduated from Ross in 10/2010 with very high scores and perfect attendance and still no job. I feel unless you were lucky and hired in through externship, your SOL. Now I get to pay back student loans!

  • Ross is a business NOT a school. It is a scam based entirely on numbers and funding. Financial aid is even altered to provide them a certain level of money for the company to hold for profit. I worked here and it was nightmare!!! Unethical, unprofessional, and too many politics. Please go to a community college they offer the same programs and you will have a legitimate degree. They take advantage of life situations and use them against prospects to make them feel bad for not wanting Ross as an option. it is close to $16,000 for a certificate NOT a degree. Thats the cost of an entire program for an associates degree.

  • An overall disappointment! Instructors are unprofessional (discussing students in the classroom and making fun of students when questions being asked).


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