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Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) (IUKL)

3.45  (3.45/5.00)   •  1 Student Review  •
ADDRESS:  Unipark Suria, Jalan Ikram-Uniten, 43000 Kajang, Selangor 43009, Malaysia
PHONE:  +60 0389266993  •  EMAIL:
LOCATION:  Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia  •  REGIONALLY ACCREDITED:  N/A  [?]
ESTABLISHED:  1997  [?]  •  TYPE:  Private, University  [?]

Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) (IUKL) is a Private, University, established in 1997. The campus is located in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia, and hosts students, with an endowment of .

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Description and campus figures were provided by the institution's administrators or campus representatives.
Enrollment: N/A  •  Acceptance Rate: N/A
Graduation Rate: N/A  •  Campus Endowment: N/A
Tuition: N/A  •  Tuition (Non-Local): N/A  •  Boarding: N/A
Stimulating Courses44444
Quality of Professors33333
Networking & Job Opps33333
Area Around Campus55555
Housing Situation33333
Extracurricular Opps22222
Teacher/Student Ratio33333

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One Student Review of Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) (IUKL)

  • My name is Reshee and I am 18 this year. After high school I was in a search for a good college to attend to do my diploma. After spending the first couple of months in 2012 searching for a suitable college, I came across KLIUC ( Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College). They offered many different programs to choose from and all of their programs are internationally certified which would be a great thing when I plan to further my studies in Europe.

    At first I wasn’t sure which Diploma to pursue. I was torn between doing Business studies or Engineering. The reason being, my father is an Engineer and all through out my teenage life I would follow him to work now and then and learn basic skills. However I feel that I have spent many years studying physics and mathematics in school and I was a tad bit lazy to continue with higher level physics and mathematics. I thought doing Business studies would be easier and the scope for job opportunities in the future would be bigger. With this thought in my mind,i called KLIUC and asked for an appointment.

    The staff and administrators were very friendly and welcoming. We had a sit down with one of the advisor to discuss what study plan will be suitable for me. She was polite and easy to talk with. Together after over an hour of planing , we decided that Diploma in Mechanical Engineering was the most suitable for me, taking inconsideration what I like and I don’t. She even went out of her way to suggest that I apply for a scholarship in order to pay for my studies. KLIUC was one of the cheapest colleges to study for Engineering in Malaysia. It is affordable and they give you an opportunity to apply for scholarships.

    I had to wait a few weeks to find out if my scholarship had been accepted. Meanwhile, the college processed all my documents and scheduled different subjects and classes for me to attend in the first semester. Lucky for me, my scholarship application by the Malaysian government was accepted and the college approved it.

    The first week of the first semester was orientation week. The college campus is so huge that I found myself lost on my first day. The lecture auditoriums are big and the classrooms are fully equip. I expect there to be tons of students in a class but I was wrong. I only have around 5-8 students in my ground and we go all the lessons just the few of us. This way I learn more and its easy for me to communicate with the lectures.

    I recently had my first semester examinations. I will admit I was nervous, but all the lectures helped me out with the things I was not sure about before the exam. During the examinations,everything was done very professionally. My marks were calculated together with the marks I received during class test and presentations. The results were out online on the KLIUC student portal and I am very happy with the results I got.

    Overall the college is very experienced when it comes to education and all the staff do their job well. There are like hundreds of international student studying in KLIUC and they also have hostels for student. Although I don’t live in the hostels, because my house is only a 5 minute drive away, I have visited my friends who live in the hostels and it looked liveable. However I think the downside to it is that its too small. But of course the students can find apartments outside with a lower price, since its Malaysia the cost of living is low.

    I am glad I chose KLIUC to complete my Diploma. I will finish in 2 years, and hope to attend a university in Europe.

    Reshee Bala


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