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Durham College : Oshawa

1.33  (1.33/5.00)   •  39 Student Reviews  •
ADDRESS:  2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, Ontario L1H 7K4, Canada
PHONE:  (905) 852-7848  •  EMAIL:
LOCATION:  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada  •  REGIONALLY ACCREDITED:  N/A  [?]
ESTABLISHED:  1967  [?]  •  TYPE:  Public, Career Institute  [?]

Durham College : Oshawa is a Public, Career Institute, established in 1967. The campus is located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, and hosts students, with an endowment of .

Description and campus figures were provided by the institution's administrators or campus representatives.
Enrollment: N/A  •  Acceptance Rate: N/A  •  Graduation Rate: N/A  •  Endowment: N/A
OVERALL QUALITY1.361.361.361.361.36
Stimulating Courses1.561.561.561.561.56
Quality of Professors1.611.611.611.611.61
Networking & Job Opps1.311.311.311.311.31
Area Around Campus1.
Housing Situation1.311.311.311.311.31
Extracurricular Opps1.
Teacher/Student Ratio1.421.421.421.421.42

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39 Student Reviews of Durham College : Oshawa

  • as you read in above comments the teachers are totally retarded. wasted my one yr here .teacher main motive is to fail as many international students so that they can get 1500 more from their pockets for redoing the course again. studying in business school of durham college. did my first yr in other college where i scored 4.6 GPA then as a bridge program transfer to this clg for doing my 2 yr where i scored 1.8 GPA. durhamcollege is a SCAMMM for me, wasted my $12000

  • I went to Durham College for the Dental Assisting program and I hated it. I am a mature student who has been out of high school for a while and trying to balance the necessity of working in the real world while going to school at the same time. The teachers only show respect for those who overachieve and if you are just trying to “pass”, they will do everything in their power to fail you (even by 5% margins). The teachers read all of their lectures off of power point slides (a basic 10th grade presentation style), and expect you to pay thousands of dollars to sit there and watch them do that. Most teachers had their clear favourites and were very rude/borderline racist to individuals that they were not impressed with. It was painfully obvious that they talked smack about their students behind closed doors as well. Teachers that weren’t even instructing me often showed preconceived notions that I was a trouble-maker or already knew personal information about me that I would never need to share with them. The escalation process for complaints was a joke. 1. Complain to your teacher, 2. Complain to your student advisor (who has already heard of you because your teacher hates you), 3. Complain to the Associate dean (who again has already heard of you because your teacher hates you). It’s a bias chain of command because the faculty works together and has formed relationships. As a student, you are nobody, and if you are struggling they don’t want you there and will treat you like you do not deserve to be there. Do yourself a favour and go to George Brown. They have a better program anyway. (PS – I did not see ONE, not even ONE visible minority on the dental assisting, reception, or hygiene faculty at Durham College!!!)

  • Honestly, I went to Durham for a year for Journalism and I hated it. A lot of the kids were angry with their grades and the profs were just ‘OKAY’. Picked Seneca over this college for next year. It’s a pretty boring place as well in the middle of no where. If you pick this college I hope you have a better experience than I did! :)

  • This place is garbage plain and simple. I’d delve into more detail but I’m busy applying to a real school. Everyone else seems to have covered their faults. Beware. Oh and to the condescending little twat calling honest posters “little children”, maybe you could put your accounting skills to good use and try to calculate the percentage of us who give a sh*t that you didn’t have to deal with any of the college’s many shortcomings. It is clear that logic seems to elude you but that is no excuse to shoot down valid reviews of an awful college. Have fun in your dream world.

  • This place is garbage plain and simple. I’d delve into more detail but I’m busy applying to a real school. Everyone else seems to have covered their faults. Beware. Oh and to the condescending little twat calling honest posters “little children”, maybe you could put your accounting skills to good use and try to calculate the percentage of us who give a shit that you didn’t have to deal with any of the college’s many shortcomings. It is clear that logic seems to elude you but that is no excuse to shoot down valid reviews of an awful college. Have fun in your dream world.

  • You guys sound like idiots. If you hate it so much why did you choose to give them your money? I took 1st semester accounting, yes 7 courses at once and it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk. Half of my classmates were dumbasses who sound similar to the above posters, they expected everything to be handed to them. Unfortunately the immature students quickly learned a lesson because most people in my joint college/university program did not make the 75% cut… now they are out of the transfer program. There was none of this friends with profs and get 100% in every course. Maybe you guys picked a mickey mouse program?

    Durham is pretty average for an Ontario college, which are all pretty much terrible. The thing is these schools are filled with people who have no idea how the system works and/or could not make it into university. If you are looking for a stepping stone into university or a quick way to a technical job then Durham is just as good a choice as any other Ontario college.

    Try to do your homework before you choose something you are going to regret.

  • What a horrible school. AVOID ANIMATION!!! no one gets a job from this hell hole. I wasted 3 years of my life there just to be told by studios that my education doesn’t meet what they want. The teachers are all one year workers, almost none of them have a degree in anything. The favoritism is rampant. I’m sure the school has departments that are ok but animation and Gaming are terrible. Avoid them, go to Seneca or Humber where their teachers take you to studios and help you make award winning shorts.

  • Avoid at all costs. Everything about Durham College is ridiculous, most notably their management. For example, they once tried to expand internationally without first receiving permission from their board of governors and ended up getting sued for $3,000,000 by students who had already paid before they pulled the plug.

  • I’m a hard-working, dedicated student who has made honour roll in both 1st and 2nd semester. I’ve just started my second year in September. I’ve put so much effort into achieving in my program, but I feel like I’ve wasted my time and money, and all I want to do is drop out. For the most part, the teachers are useless. Many of them just don’t seem to care about teaching, and have no passion or desire for it. The curriculum has so much potential, but because it isn’t being applied correctly, the program is suffering, which means the students are suffering. Very disappointed and hurt that I’ve already put in 1 year of my time into my program, and I keep holding on, thinking that it will get better. Now being in 3rd semester, I can already see that this is going to be a repeat of my first year, if not worse. I would recommend any potential students save their time and money by looking into other colleges.

  • I am currently enrolled in the Practical Nursing program at Durham College. I have to say, I was quite disappointed with the teaching styles of the many instructors in the program. I find a lot of the program must be self-taught.. many online courses, including Anatomy and Physiology, which is essential for Nursing, however very hard to grasp if you do not have a teacher with you to explain the content, Medical Terminology is also online, concurrent with Health and Healing I.. very disappointed with that as well. Some teachers do not have lessons ready in class, so they will get us into groups and have us read parts of the chapter then present them in front of the class.. I feel I don’t really learn that way. It makes me quite upset when an instructor will not teach anything the whole class time, but will make us teach it to ourselves.. had I known that I would’ve not attended class at all.. I go to class to have my instructor teach… not my fellow classmates.. If one is looking to enrol in a PN program, I would not recommend Durham College at all.. I’ve heard many good things about Fleming’s program..

  • This school sucks

  • I agree, I was born in Toronto and I belong in Toronto, forget DoorHam region, I recently discovered that these cops not only apply racial profiling on people but profiling based on their religion which is very serious offense under our constitutional laws. These cops also look for those on Immigration violation, they claim the OPIX or OPICS system is what these cops use which generates similar names to the name wanted in Question or Deportation, now if you have a Muslim name there could be hundreds of other Muslim names in your community -they are bias, I wonder what a name like smith or some catholic name would generate and would they harass them? I am outraged to find out they would pull someone over who does not match the name they are looking for so overall they are liars and have proven absolutely no credibility and get no respect from many in the community even if you go and talk to their sergeant at Durham regional police station they will continue to exist same with those teachers, they are protected as unions members for life until your kids change the system by filing a compliant and more then ten complaints a year will either get them posted somewhere else in Canada or out of the police. teaching force but the question remains what is the credibility of those who are responsible for overlooking the internal reviews?

  • I have been part of Durham on and off since ’88- this town with in Durham is named after a ship in ww2 which was named after a carnal or a general, the name itself comes from a Trojan gay soldier who committed suicide. This place was the most racist place I have ever lived in although I am a 911 survivor from those ex-prejudice pigs from the states, but over all these people here I know they were the most racist people that existed in these parts of ontario, It all started out with skin heads and KKK types burning flags, I know it has changed allot but now the community which seems more towards the prejudice side now then before because these kids growing up in catholic schools which have expanded more then public schools themselves weird thing is they are both funded by the Canadian Government (ministry) most of them are catholics hee wether they are immigrants or canadian born. You guys now are moving in from Toronto, Mississauga in pursuit of cleanliness and clean air but seem to have run into bogus education here, I understand, we were not educated in grade school here by these hicks, I had by nose broken by my teacher when I was a child, beat up by the police and my parents who were immigrants were intimidated by the school board as well as the police who are the most racist pricks in Ontario, they lie, cheat and have no credibility in our communities, some They are the Canadian MILITARY since they refer to themselves as platoons harassing members of the community for no good reason just by their looks, so you will find pricks by the dozens here and as far as employers, schools, malls etc, it’s like that movie casino and those rednecks want in on the action that is exactly what has been going on here everything from those responsible for education, investments, municipality, police, MPP etc, they have investments like shopping malls, it’s a big monopoly they are a happy family of racist pricks many of whom are dunce yet may have a masters degree and again how they came up with Durham college- I do not know, how they came up with UO don’t know- what I do know is that they will treat you according to your name and will consider you a foreigner just by your name, then they wish to bank on that, trying to get you take their BS courses so you can be at a level which they will claim you need to be and where you can then take their BS program but since they do not make it provincial anything that has been standardized by themselves they basically cheat using scan cards, you can test yourself by taking the SAT’S in states and compare to them here. I am amazed there has not been any investigation done by the ministry of education also why isn’t there an internal affairs office to correct these racist and some prejudice catholic police? but who cares I finally get to leave this place once in for all Also girls here really suck, I mean dude they will turn you gay, I think they are mostly inbreds if not Catholics ex trailer trash gypsy camp. I wouldn’t raise my son here regardless of the price for homes, neighborhood, cleanliness etc, it can can really lower your self esteem being amongst mostly their people. Toronto is where we belong!

  • what a bunch of incompetent twats their staff are. a typewriting chimp could respond to more letters in a day than they do in a month. avoid this POS school..they will just take your money, give you a headache and leave you to sort things out yourself.

  • The place is a fucking joke and doesn’t deserve your business. Everything about this place is sub-par and they couldn’t care less about you or your problems (that they cause) after you pay them. Don’t waste your time with this school.

  • DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. They force you to take communications 1/2 and workplace safety, but you learn NOTHING and the teacher gives you ALL the answers for EVERY assignment so he does not have to mark it. If you are present he gives you the full marks. Comm teacher hangs out with students at his house and plays video games with them (no wonder they literally have 100%). Communication with office staff is 0. If you teacher is Martin, be friends with him(not too close he is very likely gay). They do NOT reply to emails or phone messages (I have tried both), and if you confront them with this with a printout, they claim they did not get it and ask which email address you used (even if you click their name in the email addressbook) and try giving you their email again as if they really really did not get it. The dean is a joke, most teachers are a joke (there are some extremely educated and professional ones aswell), NO consistency, some teachers lie, blah, blah, blah. Im in the second year and wish I had left after the first. This school is BS. PS. This review is for the Whitby Technical School, I know nothing about the Oshawa campus.

  • Don’t waste your time, money, or effort to go to this sadly pathetic excuse for a learning institution.
    They teachers are uneducated, and come across seeming as if they think that they are teaching a class of kindergarteners, or chimps. They belittle students academic levels, their skills, and their problems.
    WASTE OF TIME, ENGERY, & worst of all MONEY.
    This awful institution is NOT recommended for ANYONE!! (not even if were used as an educational facility in a prison!!!) DON”T GO HERE IT’S ONLY A HEADACHE

  • uneducated teachers,rude staff, pretty much everything has already been said about this place. NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Durham College is absolutely terrible – and to go along with that statement here are some reasons why:

    - Failure to communicate between their own departments
    - Refusal to respond to student inquiries regarding *anything*
    - Most rooms do not have working electrical outlets (some are even without working lights)
    - Vandalized/missing equipment is never dealt with despite requests from the professors themselves
    - Relevance of course content is questionable
    - Some professors don’t bother to show up for days/weeks at a time (I kid you not)

    I regret ever trying to do ‘business’ with them. They are well aware of their shortcomings but refuse to do anything about them. Currently they are trying to attract attention to their $1,500,000 in bursaries – no doubt to reel in students that will make them look good and distract from their faults.

    The only time you’re likely to hear from them is if they have an issue with your tuition fees and want money. Bear in mind that communication only works one-way with these people and any attempts to acquire answers will be ignored. This is the sad but true reality of Durham College.

    If you value your future you will avoid Durham College and take your money somewhere that can provide you with the services you’ll be paying for.


  • I graduated from Highschool with honours and am now broke. Certain jobs won’t hire me because of my degrees from Durham and McDonalds won’t even hire me because have higher than a highschool education…Thank you Durham for ruining my life…you owe me my hopes and dreams back!

  • [Canadian Bloke says:
    May 21, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    check this out Durham poor excuse of a college expansion in Panama and India are failures!

    this link is now dead

    another news website reporting on Greedy Durham College trying international expansion and failed

  • This school is terrible i paid my money just to get shafted most of the courses are a complete joke for my renewable technician program. they fucked up on the course description and they are not teaching us what was in the original course outline. not only that but many students failed one of the courses due to a bad teacher an we get shafted. we complained to the dean with no avail. durham college just wanted to be 1 of the 1st colleges with a green energy program but they fucked it up. thank for taking my money i’m glad i parked somewhere else to go to school.

  • So many things wrong with this place its unbelievable. Biggest complaint by far is the college’s inability to provide decent internet for its students. In residence and even the main campus the internet is slow and quite often does not even work at all. In my personal experience, I’ve had to go nearly a month and a half without access to the internet in my room in residence making homework and studying very difficult. Poor maintenance is also a big issue.If something is broken (ie. door knobs, washing machines, air conditioning etc…), expect at least three weeks before anything is done to fix the problem. I’ll give credit to a handful of professors who are doing a good job but for the most part not a great learning experience. Avoid at all costs.

  • This college is onr of the worst colleges in the world. It tries by any means to get every dollar from the students. Even when u take a summer course, u are not entitled to a refund in Fall semester even if u passed that course and u don;t have to take it again. i hate it. I feel like i am just wasting my money and time.

  • I am studying Business at this school and I think it’s comparable to Harvard School of Business and University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business. I have people coming here from MIT, Sloan School of Business, McGill University and Rotman School of Business(University of Toronto). Durham College is the best place in the world to study business at.. better than Harvard/Princeton/UofT/McGill/MIT etc.

  • Durham College is by far the absolute worst academic institution I have ever encountered. I have graduated university with an honours degree and Durham claimed to offer great post-graduate programs. From the poorly educated instructors to the incompetent administrative staff Durham College is a pure embarrassment. Since becoming a student of the school I have had nothing but problems from scheduling inaccuracies (the College “forgot” to enroll me in a mandatory class) to staff ignoring e-mails and replying months later after much persistence from me. If you are looking for a stimulating, rewarding academic experience I STRONGLY advise you to look elsewhere. Durham College has nothing to offer except headaches and an embarrassing education.

  • check this out Durham poor excuse of a college expansion in Panama and India are failures!

  • By far the WORST college to attend – I would not recommend ANYONE waste their money attending this poor excuse for a post secondary institution. Complete waste of time and money. Staff and faculty are completely useless and need to take notes from other post-secondary institutions so they can learn a thing or two about how things SHOULD be done. Program Coordinators are not educated enough, very few have more than an undergraduate degree and are calling themselves “professors” which I feel is very disrespectful to those individuals who have completed enough education to be considered a professor. Students are constantly fighting for things to be done CORRECTLY, such as allowing students to register when they are supossed too, releasing marks when they HAVE to be released, updating payments/fees owed IMMEDIATELY like every other school in the province. Food is terrible and expensive, parking is a complete rip off and so unbelievably expensive, one of the most expensive in the province. Housing surrouding the school is terrible and the location of the school is terrible. Internet on campus is absolutely terrible because they discourage students from using their personal lap tops and will do everything in their power to make it difficult for you to log onto the internet while on campus. The IT help desk will refuse to help you unless you are using a school rented lap top – which is also a rip off paying $1500 a year for a lap top that is a piece of garbage. And the kicker? When your done at the school and have invested $6000 in a lap top worth $500, you still have to pay $1 to “buy” it. I am embarassed to admit I attended this school for two years and would not wish that upon anyone else. I would highly recommend researching other schools and NOT attending Durham College. I would NOT recomment this school to anyone, even if it was a last resort.

  • The internet in residence is absolutely terrible, slow and in constant disrepair. The college is growing and so are a lot of the programs. But I often find the professors incompetent, granted a few are decent at their job and fantastic people sadly that does equate to me enjoying their classes. I don’t recommend the college at all sadly, I can only hope when I get out of here, I can get a decent job and I didn’t waste 20 thousand dollars and 2 years of school.

  • I got laughed at right in my face in a job interview when I said I was a graduate of Durham. They apologized for bringing me in for an interview, as they said they will NEVER hire someone who went to Durham!

    Thank you Durham College for taking my money over 3 years, and making me live in a dump of a city (Oshawa).

    For people who love Oshawa, they have never been anywhere else in the world, and come from towns of less than 1,000 people.

    Plus, the people in Oshawa hate students from Durham, so don’t expect anyone in the city to be nice to you because you are a college student.

  • I would like to comment on the adminstrative side of the college.
    one of the most unhelpful, unintelligent and pathetic excuss for a post secondary instiution. They charge students for services that cant possibly be taken advantage of, neglect inquiries regarding payment and provide students with little information regarding process and purpose of fees. i hate this place more than anything it is awful and i feel DUMBER for going there. If any professor/adminstrator/admioror of the school see this message, lick my nuts.

  • I forgot to add:

    don’t live in the dorms on the Oshawa campus. somebody constantly setting off false fire alarms

  • Fucking joke. They don’t prepare you for anything. You don’t get a job from this place, and if you do it will be 3-6 years after graduation after you have done more school at another place, or do multiple internships.

    Oshawa is the crack capital of Canada, with more crackheads than normal people (not a joke). Housing situation around the school is segregated, and the residents hate that students are around, as does the city. You will never find grads of the school living in Oshawa thats for sure.

  • Im in program in whitby. The area around campus is crap, no student life once so ever. Had some awesome and poor teachers. Im in one of the most expensive paying programs and they put all 60 students in a concrete block room in the far back. That the hell?! Homework… well theres a lot of it. And if you like sitting in class for 8 hrs straight without a break, then come on down. The schools under construction which is crap! Try taking a quiz when you cant focus cause of the noise. Their motto is ‘success matters’ hard to believe when you have a compliant and they look at you like your the stupid one. If another college offered this program that was a close I’d be gone! I was treated better in high school.

  • I went to this school in the mechanical engineering technology course because it was close to home. The courses were uninteresting with almost NO hands-on experience, traveling to whitby was a pain with the poorly devised shuttle service. i did have some good proffessors as well as some ones that would need to ask google for help when teaching DOS on computers that cannot run the work given. The area around is a shithole and there is housing for about 20% of people. The dalhousie area is looking to rid itself of students and the townhomes are damn expensive and cheaply made. Residence was a prison with food that is guarenteed to void your bowels within 20 mins. there were overcrowded class rooms and a roughly 5:1 guy/girl ratio which gets worse if your in residence.

  • there is nothing positive about this poor, greedy excuse of a college. The work study job program is a joke and discriminatory. all the jobs ads are asking for experience and qualifications which i did not have. but they will not hesitate to hire white students I could not find a job and had to go hungry. also they like to give students tons of homework after spending 8 hours a day in class

  • One recommendation for anyone who is reading this. Do not attend this school for the Biotechnology Technologist program, unless you live in Oshawa and want to be forced to take business classes. I would recommend going to seneca for the main reason that they provide medical lab certification and force no business classes on you. The only thing that I will say thats positive about this school is the quality of the professors they know what they are talking about and are eager to help you in any way.

  • fuckin junk,. started school here to find they were putting 50 of my classmates in a class that could hold 30. not enough out of date computers. the printing commons printer doesn’t work and you have to use a different computer room to print things but not if there is a class in session in the room,. first day of orientation (wed) they said that we had until the end of the week to get parking tickets and then the next day i go to park and they make me pay $8. A friend of mine is taking the business program where they make you pay $1500 for a $200 out of date used lenovo that you don’t get to keep. Honestly this college is a joke. A joke that looks to exploit it’s students for more and more money at every opportunity whilst providing a level of education and service that is completely overrated. Verdict? Run while you still can, don’t come to this college because the faculty doesn’t care about it’s students and are just looking for more suckers to buy their outragiously priced poorly written textbooks.


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