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Algonquin College: Ottawa

1.95  (1.95/5.00)   •  2 Student Reviews  •  
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Enrollment: N/A  •  Acceptance Rate: N/A  •  Graduation Rate: N/A  •  Endowment: N/A
Stimulating Courses2.
Quality of Professors2.
Networking & Job Opps22222
Area Around Campus22222
Housing Situation22222
Extracurricular Opps22222
Teacher/Student Ratio2.

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2 Student Reviews of Algonquin College: Ottawa

  • I chose the course of construction projects manager , studied online, they call when you need to pay and very diligent , but when you have paid you are unlikely to get timely help to deal with both types of system functions online learning , it is difficult to understand ( which all of FIG after you pay tuition ) . We were told here will Maurice Jervie teacher – that’s who was horrified when these courses or did not respond to the letter, and when, because of my insistence , he replied with an ulcer and blatant insult , like ” you’re there do baby movements ….. ” ( as you know it but do not tell babies to adults , especially the man who teaches not only the specialty but also must have the professional ethics ) . At the end of the course I had to fill out a form type is what I think about the course of the professor and all that, I said that the courses weak meager little cognitive , professor very big slacker and vulgar ignoramus . For what I received the worst evaluation here’s honesty and fairness of this college gained such intruders and give these papers but there is no knowledge who does not, it’s sad that leave graduates with diplomas without having knowledge and very sad that you can learn a lot more than money and official legal speculators as Algonquin college . All praise this college because as long as you do everything on a miserable note you get too easily this paper called a diploma I shook the country in which the future professionals at this level.

  • Residence and meal plan is a rip off.


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