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Yik Yak: The Anonymous ‘Shaming’ App That’s Resurrecting Unpleasant Memories Of JuicyCampus.Com

Quick! What do Facebook, JuicyCampus, and Yik Yak all have in common? They were all started by college frat boys intent on shaming other students. They say that history repeats itself - and nowhere does this appear more true... [Read More]

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Forensic Artist From Scotland Constructs Accurate Human Face From ‘Crystal Head Vodka’ Bottle

Whoever knew that Crystal Head Vodka was so happy! Nobody really knew just how delighted the skull-shaped mascot really was inside, until a forensic artist from Scotland named Nigel Cockerton shared his discovery with the vodka... [Read More]

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Video: California College Students Sign Fake Petition To ‘Execute’ Gun Owners In ‘Concentration Camps’

California college students want to murder gun owners. At least, that's what many of them verbally agreed to while signing a fake petition created by Mark Dice, a self-described 'media analyst' from California, that called (in... [Read More]

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‘Homeland Security’ Tasked With Explaining The American Higher Education System To Foreigners?

In a bizarre arrangement that might compare to police officers driving school buses, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has seemingly been tasked with introducing students around the world to the American system of higher ed... [Read More]

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Video: Russian Teen Hangs From Skyscrapers With Only One Hand – Pushes Limits Of ‘Urban Sports’

If this doesn't make your stomach churn, there probably isn't much that will. In the latest compilation video released by Mustang Wanted - a young Russian man who performs urban stunts with a GoPro camera - the daredevil is see... [Read More]

-  Think More Better  - – Now Offering Free Advice On Selling Drugs To Children, Finding ‘Bukkake’ For Your Wife

How do you counteract unemployment? "Sell drugs too children," is a good solution, according to, now one of the most visited reference communities on the entire web. Update 1/14/2014: It appears that [Read More]

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College Students Draw A World Map Completely From Memory – Here Are The Bizarre (Merged) Results

Perhaps one of the most common criticisms of American college students (and Americans) in recent decades has been their alleged lack of geographical knowledge. Zak Ziebell, a 17 year old high school student from Michigan, decid... [Read More]

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Campus Cop Shoots, Kills Unarmed College Student in Texas After Student Made a Sarcastic Remark

A campus police officer at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, has been put on paid administrative leave after shooting - and ultimately killing - an unarmed student who attended the school, under shady cir... [Read More]

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Edward Snowden : Alternative Christmas Message (Ignored, Mocked By American Media Outlets)

In May, Edward Snowden released thousands of classified documents to journalists, detailing the largest digital surveillance operation the world has ever known - and in so doing, became arguably the most controversial internationa... [Read More]

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Social Experiment: Santa Claus Picking Up College Girls In California With Zero Resistance

Turns out, it's hard to say no to Santa Claus. Or so went the theory that Luke Eilers sought to test in his latest "social experiment" video, posted yesterday to his popular YouTube channel. (Note: the video was actually filmed... [Read More]

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