Teachers Unions: No Matter How You Try To Slice It, They Are Corrupt, Self-Serving, And Hypocritical

Teachers unions are vile, self-serving rackets, plain and simple. Despite what public school teachers in the U.S. (and elsewhere) would have you believe, their primary concern is not for "students" when they march, rally, and p... [Read More]

Lol My Thesis: The Facetious Tumblr Blog Offering Anonymous Online Sympathy To College Students

If you had to sum up your college research in one sentence, what would you say? That is precisely the question asked by Lol My Thesis, a minimalistic online blog that posts one-sentence synopses of academic accomplishments as s... [Read More]

Campus Explorer Attempts To Coerce CollegeTimes Into Compliance Contract For For-Profit Colleges

If you are one of the people that innocently believe the internet has brought more transparency and consumer protection to the American economy, this story's for you. See also: College Reviews: 18 Websites With Online Ratings... [Read More]

Student Loan Default: A Complete List Of Horrible Consequences That Arise When You Let It Happen

Quick! Write this on your bathroom mirror: I will not default on my student loans. I will not default on my student loans. See also: How To Legally Get Out Of Paying Back Your Federal Student Loans To Avoid Defaulting Or B... [Read More]

How To Legally Get Out Of Paying Back Your Federal Student Loans To Avoid Defaulting Or Bankruptcy

Student loan debt is crushing the American middle class. In fact, the total amount of debt from student loans in the United States is now greater than credit card debt AND auto loan debt - and it's growing, quickly. See al... [Read More]

Dutch Student Fakes 5-Week Travel Holiday To Asia Using The Power Of Photoshop And Social Media

If you hate seeing all those adventurous photos your friends post on Facebook while you sit at work trying to scrape money together for dinner, this story's for you. Zilla van den Born, a college student from the Netherlands, f... [Read More]

Interview: Jeme Deviny, Former Neumont University Director Of Financial Services, Spills The Beans

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with L. J. Deviny, the former Financial Services Director at Neumont University, a for-profit technical institute based in Utah. Followers of CollegeTimes know that we've had several ru... [Read More]

Interview: Wyatt Jozwowski, An Internet Marketing Wonder-Kid And Founder Of The CloudPBN Platform

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with Wyatt Jozwowski, an internet marketer who's had an early start in the industry as a teenager. Over the last several years he has been known for his various digital marketing-relate... [Read More]

RateMyCollege: Uncensored College Reviews From Real Students And Alumni Around The World

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions of your life. Lucky for you, CollegeTimes is one of the only college review websites on the web that doesn't accept bribes from for-profit scam schools. Plus, now that *our... [Read More]

Humans Need Not Apply: A Sobering Look Into How Robots, Machine Automation Are Destroying Jobs

I suppose, in hindsight, it was just a matter of time. Robots are officially taking over the world. And no, its not a conspiracy, or a drone army, or a machine uprising - its far more subtle than that. Automation machines are b... [Read More]

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