Dutch Student Fakes 5-Week Travel Holiday To Asia Using The Power Of Photoshop And Social Media

If you hate seeing all those adventurous photos your friends post on Facebook while you sit at work trying to scrape money together for dinner, this story's for you. Zilla van den Born, a college student from the Netherlands, f... [Read More]

Interview: Jeme Deviny, Former Neumont University Director Of Financial Services, Spills The Beans

Below is an exclusive CollegeTimes interview with L. J. Deviny, the former Financial Services Director at Neumont University, a for-profit technical institute based in Utah. Followers of CollegeTimes know that we've had several ru... [Read More]

Interview: Wyatt Jozwowski, An Internet Marketing Wonder-Kid And Founder Of The CloudPBN Platform

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RateMyCollege: Uncensored College Reviews From Real Students And Alumni Around The World

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Humans Need Not Apply: A Sobering Look At How Robots And Machine Automation Are Destroying Jobs

I suppose, in hindsight, it was just a matter of time. Robots are officially taking over the world. And no, its not a conspiracy, or a drone army, or a machine uprising - its far more subtle than that. Automation machines are b... [Read More]

Five-O: Teenagers Launch App Built To Monitor Police Brutality, Inform American Citizens Of Their Rights

Police brutality? There's an app for that. Three teenagers from Georgia have launched a mobile app called "Five-O" designed to record and document everyday encounters with local police. In turn, users are able to "rate" police... [Read More]

Sharks: One Of The Top Threats To Undersea Internet Cables? At Least, That’s What Google’s Saying!

Who would have though the future of the internet depended on sharks? Well it does, according to an announcement by Google last week - or rather, on our ability to protect undersea fiber optic cables from the rather peculiar att... [Read More]

James O’Keefe Crosses The U.S. Border As Osama Bin Laden, Internet Reacts With Mockery And Disdain

Context is everything. Or so they say. If a video of some guy in a Bin Laden costume crossing the Rio Grande was uploaded to YouTube by say, Stephen Colbert, it would probably have millions of views in a matter of hours. But a... [Read More]

HostGator Review: My Site Was Suspended Without Warning, Then They Demand To See My Passport?

In an age of rampant identity theft, you'd think that asking for scanned copies of a "passport" would be reserved for, oh I don't know... Homeland Security. But here we are, well into 2014, and web hosting companies like HostGa... [Read More]

College Reviews: 18 Websites With Online Ratings Written By Real University Students And Alumni

College rankings are kind of bullsh*t. There, I said it. In recent years, the "higher education" community has become so preoccupied with the annual campus rankings that appear in publications such as U.S. News & World Report o... [Read More]